Rhodo is blooming now!

joyce69(van island)September 22, 2010

My sister transplanted a mature rhodo from someones' garden in July.

The day after my fathers' death she was amazed to find the rhodo full with buds and one pink flower.

She believes that this is a sign from my father. Is it possible for a rhodo to rebloom in September or could it be a message from my father?

Cheers, Joyce

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rhododendrons will sometimes bloom in Fall - reasons are thought to be weather related or occasionally a reaction to stress, can also be a trait exhibited by particular individual plants rather than all in a variety. Still, if she is finding some comfort in what may be a meaningful coincidence, I'll be the last to argue with her.

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joyce69(van island)

Thank You morz8 for your kind words!

I would imagine this mature rhodo was stressed due to the transplanting 2 months ago. It just surprises me that it would re-bloom, it didn't even think we could grow rhodos in our climate:) I don't even plant species that need zone 5 as our winter temperatures can dip very low some years.

I won't argue with sis either,

Cheers, Joyce

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