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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)March 18, 2013

I have many Papilio bulbs that I received as gifts last year. They were all grown in the same climate previously as what they are in now.

While one of the bulbs put out the standard nice tall scape (in the greenhouse, recently), one bulb (at least in my hands) has bloomed 2-3 times and each time the blooms emerge from the neck on scapes that are only about 1" tall. This potted bulb has been in the same place, in front entry protected from the cold, since I've had it so I know for a fact that it is the same bulb that repeated blooms on short scapes.

I am hesitant to collect any pollen from this "short-scaped" bloom as I don't know if this is a product of surroundings or if this is something that could be passed on to offspring. To the best of the prior grower's knowledge, these short scapes aren't the norm, but performance of individual bulbs hasn't been tracked.

We had a very stressfull (very hot and dry) summer in 2011 and I am wondering if the bulbs are still showing the effects of that summer.


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Gosh... it doesn't seem like the bulb would still be stressed from a rough summer in 2011 if it has been provided good care since then. The leaves all look lush and healthy? It seems like papilio are more prone to short scapes than other bulbs... but maybe it just seems that way because so many of us prize their precious scapes even more than the scapes from many of our other bulbs. Do you have other bulbs from the same grower than are growing more reliably under similar conditions? Is it possible that there is something funky going on with the roots (ie- something like an overly thick basal plate that is preventing the formation of a healthy root system)? -Tina

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Hmmm... Sounds like digging it up and checking might be the key!
Thanks for the suggestion. I moved most of them into separate and sometimes larger pots last year and don't recall seeing anything too odd. Never hurts to check.

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