Azalea issues

kelly6780September 15, 2007

I got five large encore azaleas for free at the end of June. They were free b/c the nursery they were at was WAY overstocked. Anyway, I planted them and fed them and made sure not to overwater them. I guess they were in the five gallon pots. Anyway, we had severe drought here this HOT sumemr and all the leaves are brown and they are pretty gross looking. I have broken a few of the branches put they are still very flexible and green in the center. So, what do I do? I can handle it if they look bad until spring. But, I would like to thin about replacing them now if they are done for. I really love azaleas, plus these were free. Is this the transplantation shock of big plants? I need help!! Thank you in advance.

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

Azaleas transplant very easily. They may have been free because the nursery knew they would need special care for some reason. If they have any green leaves, they will make it if they are kept watered when they look droopy. If all leaves are brown, then they are probably in very bad shape. Since it is nearly fall already, you can wait until next spring and see if any buds open.

Container plants from nurseries typically need watering every day until they are planted. They use a "fool-proof" media that drains very quickly so the nursery won't have to worry about root rot and can water them every day. The problem is when people like you and I buy these plants and aren't told this, we handle them like typical azaleas in the ground and water sparingly until we discover they aren't doing well. Then we panic and start watering them when they look droopy which is nearly every other day. If you didn't water during the drought, they are dead.

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