Let 1st year trees fruit or not

littleluey(Zone 9)March 1, 2010

I am starting to see small fruit on a couple of the trees I got last november, a 3-1 dwarf plum and a dwarf peach that is not even on a pot yet.

I have read that you should not let a new tree fruit the first year since it would take a lot of energy away from the tree that is trying to get stablished. But I would also like to see how the fruit develops and grows. I was thinking about thinning them to maybe a couple of fruit on the trees, whould that be ok or should I take all fruit down?

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As long as the trees stay healthy and vigorous, there's no reason not to leave a fruit or two on. It's even better to remove them all, but I confess, I have never been able to do it, myself.

Kevin : )

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It depends on where your tree came from.. if it came as a bare root imported from out of State they can take up to 24 months to fully acclimate to our soils and climate (if they ever do).
I'd strongly suggest removing the fruits the first season and do a "Pre-Bud" prune also.. the first summer I'd also strongly suggest a good soaking of "Anti-Stress 550"

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

My grandfather used to say every one up pull off the first year will give you 3 more next year. I have always practiced this. Jewish law is more strict. It requires that you take no "benefit" or harvest or fruit for 3 years, then the 4th year the fruit is "for the Lord" For my date palms I have followed that time table and for others, I start harvest the 3rd year. You will not regret giving the tree time to grow strong before asking it to bear fruit.
Arthur the date palm guy

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littleluey(Zone 9)

my trees are in big pots so I dont think they will need to adjust to our soils since I used potting soil and wood chips but I don't know if they came from out of state.
What is the anti strees 550 for?

I think I will thin the trees, I can wait.
thanks for commenting.

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