How to care adenium

diaszaboMarch 21, 2009

Dear all,

I am new in this forum , I am in Phoenix, I just handed over adenium from my friend , the height is 7" , bottom stem is 1.5" wide and only have 1 leaf with half dry.

Please anyone help for suggestion.

How do I care this plant for Phoenix area.

can I prune it?

Can I fertilzer it?

Can I put in full sun? and water it everyday?

Thanks in advance.

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lotsaplants(Az zone 9)

Put it in partial sun...does not like full Summer sun in Phoenix until it gets large, even then be careful...they sunburn!
water two to three times weekly now...more as it leafs out. Make sure it has excellent CANNOT sit in water.
Can be pruned or not, however you like it.
Fertilize lightly...too much will cause spindly growth, but it needs some for normal growth and flower production.
Good luck with your adenium...they are addictive!!!

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Are you growing indoors or outside? If indoors, it needs lots of light. I grow mine indoors in winter and they bloom. When Spring comes - like now - I put them outside.

They do go dormant if outside and may loose their leaves. Mine did. But they grow back fast and bloom fast. Mine like to be watered from the bottom so mine are in trays to carry water. If they are too wet, they don't like it. They like to be on the dry side even in AZ.

Mine are in full west sun in the summer from 2PM to dusk and they like it. If you want blooms, don't prune, otherwise you'll have to wait for new branches to grow.

I do not fertilize mine much at all. I find they don't like it and drop leaves. If you do fertilize - dilute to like 1/4 strength. Just my way - not the only way for sure.

They are a lovely plant and give lots of blooms.

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Hi Lotsaplant and Roanimare,

Thanks for your suggestion, I have been reading article about adenium and got confused, they said adenium like full sun, but since my plant is still small I think I will put in partial sun and I wont fertilize until more leaves grow since my plant is still small. I dont want burn the root or may be light fertilize as Lotsaplant suggested.

I put my adenium in the pot and put it outdoor in the day time and bring indoor when evening.
do you think , it wil be ok?

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How big is it? If its still a seedling size - I think you are taking care of it just right. Did you know that your Adenium can stay in the same pot for years and years? I've never repotted mine to larger pots. What you do is "lift" it every Spring or every other Spring. Then repot in the same pot with a little more fresh soil. That's how you achieve the cool knarly root effects. Enjoy them. I love them and they bloom and bloom. I just wish they had fragrance.

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My adenium as below:
the height is 7" , bottom stem is 1.5" wide and only have 1 leaf with half dry.

did you put yours indoor when winter ? will they go dormant in winter eventhough we bring indoor in winter?

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You probably have a seedling which can grow into a very nice plant this summer. I bring my adeniums inside during the winter. Mine did not go dormant inside, but when I brought them out a week or so ago, they dropped their leaves (we had some chilly nights) but are coming back. They are resilient plants and enjoy warmth and sun and minimal water.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Congratulations on your adenium--they are cool plants. You've gotten great advice on them, so there's not much I can add other than to say watch out, they are addictive, heh heh.

I'm in N. Scottsdale and I leave mine outside year round except on the few nights that the Weather Service has issued a frost warning. Mine drop their leaves in winter outside and I follow the general rule that if they don't have leaves, I don't give them water. When mine have leaves and it's cool, it let them get quite dry between watering. When they have leaves and it's HOT, I water them a few times a week. That's worked out really well. They're super easy from seed too, so that's how a lot of people's collections expand and expand.

Anyway, you've gotten stellar advice, so keep us posted. Below is a link from the Desert Botanical Garden's website with care info in case you find it interesting or helpful.

Take care,

Here is a link that might be useful: How to care for adenium article on DBG website

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Thank you very much is really work well.
4 new leaves are growing..soo quick...
I havent fertilized yet..I dont want burn it..

when is the best time to fertilize??

I also planted adenium from seed, it has been 2.5 weeks but I see long it will take to germinate?

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

I let my adeniums fully wake up before I fertilize them, so if it was my plant I'd wait until late April or so. I usually give mine all purpose tomato fertilizer for most of the summer (probably every third watering or so) with an occasional bloom booster (water soluble, dissolved in water before giving to the plants). They can, and do, enjoy being fed when they're actively growing--just give them time to adjust and really get going/growing.

They sprout pretty quickly from fresh seed. Mine were up within two weeks, so keep them moist and warm and if your seed is viable they'll pop right up. Keep us posted.

Take care,

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Hi Grant,

Yes..I will wait my adenium until actively growing, so may be beginning of May I am going to fertilize it.
right now , 5 new leaves are growing, I am very happy.

well..I dont know what's wrong with my seed , it has been more than 2 weeks but they haven't poped yet , I got from friend of mine which just came back home from Indonesia. I dont know how long the age of the seed.

I will keep post .

I planted them and put them in warm place outside and bring indoor when evening. but nothing...

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Great, keep the updates coming. I would suggest keeping your potted seeds indoors just to keep them as warm as possible. It certainly won't hurt.

My large adeniums are making a lot of new buds, especially after I gave them a very severe haircut. My seedlings (7 months old) are slowly waking up now that the days are getting warmer and longer. Same for my plumerias too.

Keep us updated. Good luck.

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