Aphid issues already!

captaininsanoMarch 4, 2014

It seems ants are aphid farming on my wonderful pomegranate, and spreading to my tomatoes. I squish the suckers when I see them, I spray down the plants with the hose semi regularly, and spray a dish detergent and water solution on the leaves top and underside, and aphids but doesn't seem to work, I tried ladybugs before but they all took off, was thinking of mantis but it will probably be the same as the ladybugs. I didn't have any issues with aphids last year until late summer, and resorted to using pesticides on my little pumpkin patch, I know its the ants spreading them around, and I really don't mind the ants but if they get to my artichokes then I will nuke everything. Any ideas? I don't want to have to scrap this gardening year before it has really begun. I am not opposed to pesticides but I have blueberries blooming and don't want to affect the bees.

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dish soap always works for me, maybe your solution needs to be a little stronger. I put 1-2 tbl spoons in a 1 gallon sprayer and don't spray in the hot sun. I use the cheap dish soap from the $ store. That should suffocate them.

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phxphoto(USDA 9B, Sunset 13)

Lacewings should help. The catch is that the most cost-effective form is eggs, and they take a couple weeks to grow up into delightfully murderous little buglets.

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It is too cold for lacewings. Have to wait until it is getting over 90F.

I buy the liquid detergent pesticide in the garden enters. Made and formulated specifically for plants and usually runs under $7 a squirt bottle. Dawn works well for homemade, but I do not like the imprecise nature of homemade remedies as it can harm your plants.

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I have already noticed lacewings in my yard, but I am still going to spray the pomegranate where the ants are farming the aphids. I will look for the detergent pesticide when I stop by the store today. Thanks!

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It is too cold for lacewings. Have to wait until it is getting over 90F.

I've seen them already in Phoenix. They showed up right after the first few aphids on the tomatoes.

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