Mexican Orchid tree

jaspermplantsMarch 8, 2013

Does anyone know where I can find a Mexican Orchid tree in the Phoenix area? Botanical name is Bauhinia Mexicana. I have one in my backyard and it is a great small tree. Flowers a lot and the butterflies LOVE it. I have a space in my front yard that would be perfect for it.

I called most of the nurseries in town and no one has it. I don't know is a wonderful small tree for this area.

Any ideas???

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Most of the nurseries around here get their stuff from Mountain States Wholesale Nursery in Peoria. If they don't grow it, then it's extremely unlikely that you'll find it here.

You can consider growing it's cousin the Anacacho orchid tree (Bauhinia lunarioides), which also does well here. You can purchase those at Summerwinds Nursery on Tatum and Bell in North Phoenix.

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I have the Anacacho orchid tree (Bauhinia lunarioides) that I bought last year, believe at the Desert Botanical Garden spring plant sale. I initially planted it in a 12" wide, 18" deep ceramic pot where it has thrived to the point it's tall enough that I think it needs to be in the soil. I am in the process of transplanting it to a nearby area where it will receive morning sun and afternoon/evening shade... The DBG's spring plant sale is going on thru tomorrow (Sunday 3/17). You might call them to see if they have any. I believe there are several of these trees planted in the xeriscaped area around the Glendale Main Library. There is a volunteer group of gardeners that maintain that area and they might know of somewhere in the Valley where you can find them

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Thanks for your suggestions. I went to the Desert Botanical Gardens sale yesterday, about a half hour after it opened, and they only had one Bauhinia lunarioides for sale and it was already gone!

I did call Summerwinds at Tatum and they have a few there, so I'll be getting one from them.

One of the nurseries told me the growers are not growing the Mexican Orchid tree now so it's not available in the nurseries. Too bad, it's a very nice tree. Who knows why...

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