Important response re: Arif's Mother and Daughter message

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)March 22, 2010

Dear Arif and all,

I was going to post this as a reply, but thought it might get lost there. Since there are so many new people on the list, the take home message from Arif's photos is very important!

K ___________________

After a long flight back to the USA, I am trying to catch up on messages. Arif, your photos prove an excellent point/lesson to everyone on the list, especially those who are new to growing amaryllis. When a plant is pollinated with itself, the resulting flower may resemble the mother, but it can not be called by the same name as it is genetically different. It's very important to label these as NAME (self). VERY IMPORTANT. You might sow 100 seeds and only a few will resemble the mother bloom. Even those that look exactly like the mother can not be called by that name and must have "self" indicated! People should also be aware that when they buy seeds from a certain "self", they might be very surprised at what the blooms look like! I had posted a good example last year about my Gordie self!

Regarding Ann's comment about Apple Blossom being a "horse" by comparison...Well, it's a horse each of us should have in our stable of amaryllis as it is a consistent performer. I was pleased to see that it was rated as #2 in the cut flower category of the Keukenhof Amaryllis Show (and they judges remarked repeatedly about how it is such a reliable plant). It may be common, but a good specimen of Apple Blossom is an example of a great amaryllis bloom. Don't discount it!


(fighting jet lag)

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As to the performance of "Appleblossom" I agree. Flower size, coloration and general LIKABILTY depend largely on the environmental conditions. WHEN you force them out of big bulbs, that are - this is important - residing, for a year, without disturbance of them roots in their substrate, perfectly transferred, on the whole, into a bigger container, and you apply lower air temperatures and good light conditions, THEN the blossoms become truly AMAZING, and their diameter can reach upto 30 cm, whether you believe it or not. And their substance is very good. The only flaw I can find "fault" with is a rather rigid shape of the mature flower and a formal, almost "dead" beauty. As regards the buds - those are perfectly shaped like voluminous cigars, showing somewhat downwards due to their sheer weight, and they are very, very beautiful. The umbel of Appleblossom consists of upto 6 individual flowers. But I never observed that a mature bulb would produce more than 2 scapes! Everybody should have one Appleblossom and make the very best from it Y E A H !

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brigarif Khan

Kristi, is right the Hippeastrum has been crossbred so extensively that even when you self it you get a variety in result due to throwback.
Below are some of the results of CHARISMA X ALURE ( a double)

Apple blossom is a reliable work horse, but there are somemore pretty and larger.


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Appleblossom Rules!!!

IF you have the older clone. Newer clones specially the ones grown in South America are "junks". So sad...

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I feel honored to have received the replies of 3 of the experts on the list!

Sir Hans, I am pleased that we share the opinion on Apple Blossom. Because it's available as a "common" box kit here, people don't give it the credit it deserves.

Arif, we are so blessed to have you among us...with your excellent photo records (and love for the Hippeastrum).

Yes, Mariava, Apple Blossom as an older bulb is fantastic. It was one of my original 5 bulbs nearly 20 years ago. Mine is a keeper!!

There is so much to learn, and many are in a rush. I thought the "self" lesson was a good one to teach early on!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

My own lesson in selfs with an heirloom bulb (Gordie) was posted about a year ago. I knew enough about genetics to know this was a possiblity, but it was still a shock.

Here is a link that might be useful: The trouble with selfs

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

I agree, it is important for people to realize that a selfed plant is not necessarily going to look anything like momma unless it is has not been crossed too many times in the past so the genetics are still somewhat straightforward....I suppose that the nice thing about this is that you can simply self a plant and end up with a huge collection of novelties as so nicely shown above....well done :o) Dan

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brigarif Khan

I forgot to mention that; the daughter in mother & daughter post was a seedling of 2007 while all others shown above are seedlings of 2005.
Another seedling of 2007 of CHARISMA on left is opening today.


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Arif, I just love all your Charisma seedlings!! Yesterday, I harvested 2 ripe pods off of my Charisma, one selfed and the other Charisma X Lemon Star. Now I'm really psyched after seeing all your beauties!! Donna

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brigarif Khan

The second one today.

Better looking?

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4th, 5th, and 7th gets my vote, flower wise. They are all beautiful though.

I also have a Charisma X Ludwig's Dazzler seedling that is putting out a scape...finally! Took me almost 4 years here in my growing conditions. Ughhhh! It is one of my 2006 seedlings that I decided to keep as I gave away most of my older "newbie cross" seedlings. With all that loving and caring and patience I poured in these seedlings, I bet it will be the "most beautiful flower" in my eyes once it's flower opens. LOL!!!

As Carl has stated in his post, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". I kinda like full formed flowers,overlapping petals with good "wings" and colors (if more than one) that blends in a nice way. Of course the #1 category that I look into a Hippie is it's vigor as a whole plant. The flowers comes next.

CHARISMA is a very good mother!!! My oldest Charisma, mother of the above mentioned seedling, waaaayyyy back in 2006.

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brigarif Khan

Hello Maria, That is a lovely flower, the best of the lot.
No doubt Charisma is a good mother. I use it almost every year crossing it with the best available at the time. I do not use preserved pollen.

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