Adenium help

Houndmom(Phoenix Az)March 29, 2013

Hi Everyone - I just bought an Adenium (Desert Rose) as I was inspired by some photos on this site. It was in shade at the nursery but I have read that it likes full sun. Can someone give me more insite as to your experiences with these here in Phoenix? Also, I know they dont like to be wet. I'm watching the water but am getting yellow leaves so I'm not sure if that is because of not enought light or too dry/wet?? Any help would be much appreciated!!

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Congratulations! I love adeniums and grow quite a few and have for many years. I do give mine full, amazing, hot Phoenix sun all year long, but if yours was in shade, I would s-l-o-w-l-y ease it into life in the sun over many days, keeping it in bright shade for a few days, then a touch of morning sun, then morning till noon, and so on, until you have it in sun. If it has been in the shade a long time it might sunburn if moved suddenly to full sun.

Mine are just now waking up from their winter rest (outside), so I'm only watering them once every 10 days to 2 weeks right now. When they have a few full sized leaves and are actively growing (and it's hot outside), I'll water them several times a week, but for now I'd make sure they get pretty darn dry between watering.

In mid-summer and mine are growing/blooming they get watered several times a week and fertilized once a week too. Then in autumn, when they slow down and start dropping leaves, I reduce watering. Then I don't give them a single drop from mid-November until late March. They get a bit of rain in winter (and summer) but if we have a long cool spell I'll move them under the covered patio so they can dry out when they're dormant.

They do drop their older leaves, especially when they're being moved around. I'd take a quick look for spidermites (tiny webs clinging to the leaves and crotches), and keep an eye out for aphids etc too.

Let us know what you do and how it works out. They're fun plants as long as we remember no water when they have no leaves. Happy gardening!

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Houndmom(Phoenix Az)

Thank you so much Grant for the info! I will start slowly moving them into a nice sunny spot so they can thrive!

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