Dog chewed new Rhodie down to nubs

lovetogarden(z4 NY)September 10, 2013

My friend came over with her dog and I allowed her dog to go into my yard with my dog. Problem is I didn't know that her dog would target 2 of my plants - one an azalea and the other a beautiful white rhododendron. The azalea still has some foliage on it so I'm hoping it will recover, but the rhododendron just has 2 little nubs sticking up out of the ground. Is this plant a gonner or will the root system send up new growth? Anyone with info please advise. Thanks.

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It probably will send up new growth. If it does it now, the new growth is unlikely to survive a Z4 winter, however. You can try putting up some burlap screening, covering it wth evergreen boughs and hoping for either deep snow or a mild winter. Even if this years new growth is winter killed, there may be more next spring. Maybe.

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