Hino Crimson Size Question

TowsoniteSeptember 15, 2013

Bought Hino Azaleas from Lowes recently since they were listed as growing 5' x 5', but everything I'm reading says they grow much, much lower. Are their sub-varieties of the hino that will actually get that big or do you think I'm just a victim of bad information on a Lowes label?

I almost always double-check whatever their labels say, but, of course, one of the few times I don't this happens.

Thanks for your help!

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I have some about thirty years old that are about four feet high.
When I first planted them I had no idea they would get that large.
I'm deciding now whether to prune them back or move them further from the walkway. I'm favoring the latter.

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5'x5' is maybe a bit generous but the plants can easily get to 4' tall and spread a lot.......6' is common in my area. Exactly how big they might expect to grow would depend on your location - in the PNW, virtually all rhodies and azaleas will achieve maximum sizing if grown to their liking :-))

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

Here is a real Hino Crimson mess! I let it grow here much too long. Now it's time to move em' and clear this area out so I can see what to do with it. Way too crowded now.
I like plants growing together as opposed to a collection of individuals as is most commonly seen, but this is a bit too much.
BTW Gardengal48, do you know the difference between Hino crimson and Hino degiri? (sp?) I sure don't.

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