Bergamot citrus in AZ?

kriklafMarch 22, 2013

Hi, all - I'm new to the site. I have a few dwarf citrus in containers, and I'm looking for a bergamot citrus tree (preferably also dwarf) to join them. I'm having no luck finding them in Arizona. Does anyone know of a nursery in AZ that carries them? If not, have any of you had luck with requesting a specialty item from a nursery? I know Four Winds growers (in CA) both grows bergamots and ships to AZ nurseries, but I don't know if they only certify certain varieties for interstate shipping. Lastly, I've read that bergamot will propagate from seed. Does anyone know whether it's breaking any citrus protection laws to plant seeds from a citrus fruit, provided that fruit can be legally shipped here?

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Mesquite Valley Growers here in Tucson had one or two Bergamot orange trees, but that was several years ago. They have a large selection of citrus trees, including several hard-to-find citrus varieties. Give them a call at (520) 721-8600.

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Thanks! I called, and they don't have them now. I mentioned that I'd seem them online at Four Winds, and the woman took my name and said she'd ask them for me! If it pans out I'll be sure to follow up.

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I saw one at Baker Nursery a couple of weeks ago. They only had one though. I was surprised to see it. I did not know that the oil in Earl Grey Tea was from a citrus. I hope it is still there.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

I've always wanted to try bergamot citrus here, so definitely let us know if you get one (and from where) and how it does for you. Such a great, historic old plant. We're looking forward to updates! Happy gardening!

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