Does this Azalea have fungus? (pic)

Asha_10September 10, 2011

Hi there. I have an Azalea Duxbury Gibraltar that I planted last year. It looked nice and healthy but towards the end of the season the leaves started to brown and curl and I think there may have been some white spots. This Spring, it bloomed, has been healthy but in the last month or so I'm seeing browning on teh leaves again.... I'm not sure if this is fungus or not, I've heard they can be susceptible. The branches and stems look fine. I only lightly fertilized around May with an all purpose granule. It's currently in a container only because I'm about to move it, but it's been in the ground about a year. Any thoughts are much appreciated!



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The pictures are too far away to see the white spots but it could be pestalotia leaf spot, a common fungal infection best treated by making sure the environment is not too humid and by applying good sanitation techniques such as watering only the soil (no overhead watering) and watering early in the mornings, cleaning up plant debris in the soil and disposing it in the trash (do this to the leaves when they fall in the Fall), replace the mulch with new mulch if the infestation is spread thru a large percentage of the leaves, allow for more separation between plants in order to improve air flow, etc.


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mainegrower(Z5b ME)

I could not access the photos, but let me suggest that nearly all deciduous azaleas/rhododendrons will have various leaf spot ailments, mildew, etc. at this time of year. These are generally more unsightly than a threat to the plant's overall health. Cleaning up the leaves once they've fallen as luis pr suggests may help for next year, but it's likely that the leaves will exhibit the same discolorations next year by late August/September.

'Gibraltar', btw, is one of the many Exbury, not Duxbury azaleas.

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