Spacing of Azaleas

TowsoniteSeptember 16, 2013

This is unrelated to the recent post I made about Hinos.

My intent is to plant azaleas so that they form together, but still keep a natural rounding. In other words, I want them to be dense and at least touch in their centers, but be comfortable and look like azaleas, not trimmed boxwoods. So, if, for instance, the grower says that its width will be 4ft, then how wide will you plant them to do what I'm saying above? 3ft, 3.5ft, 4ft?

I never quite understood what this distance meant. I obviously don't want to crowd them too much, but I don't want to be overly generous with the spacing and end up with azalea islands in a sea of mulch either.

Thanks for your help! It's definitely appreciated.

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Typically, plant size on tags is given as the expected size at 10 years. How soon do you want your plants to start growing together? If it's at 10 years, then go for the 4 feet. If you want it sooner, then you'll want to plant them closer, but in the long haul they will have less definition as individual plants.

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Hi i know its not related but im having difficulty working this forum start point out,
So im looking for help on my new azaleas, they are still flowering from the last season its mid summer now n 30-40% of each plant has the branches turning to elongated woody stems with new growth on top, i want to prune them but I was told its to late, but if i dont de wood them i will loose the hedge shape im growing them for.
Can i prune out the long woody tufts n exspect new growth to shoot out?

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

Azaleas can be thought of as a groundcover, albeit high, in the design world. In that case, closer is better to avoid that individual look you see almost everywhere. Naturally, they are a groundcover of sorts.
Balelf, the answer is yes. You should start a new thread for further information and also list your Zone and general location for more appropriate responses, otherwise all answers are dealing with generalities.

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