Fertilize Palm Trees/Citrus?

krannerdMarch 23, 2007

Hello All,

I'm a bit new to the gardening world and I have a few palms that aren't looking so hot. Their leaves are yellow and translucent, some fronds look quite limp. What concerns me is that 2 of my 5 look like this (the other 3 are green and growing like crazy).

My lawn guy suggested fertilizing the palms with a product that you apply around the fronds. Other websites suggested fertilizing the ground in a radius equal to the crown.

Do you have any best practices to share?

Other question, I've read that one should fertilize one's citrus 3 times a year in the spring to summer.

On a side note, I grew up in New Orleans...and the idea of fertilizing or watering trees is a bit odd...but when in Tempe....

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I can answer the citrus part lol. You can use a granular type citrus around the trees 3 times per year. Just remember Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day and that is 3 x/yr. Some people will use a acid fertilizer (like MG miracid) in smaller doses more often, but I only do that with the container citrus. As far as watering, deep watering once or twice a week is best in these hot dry climates to encourage the roots to go deep. (I know what you mean about watering and LA! ha! I almost never watered anything planted in the ground when I lived there!)
I would think any good palm fertilizer would be okay for the palms. I only have a few diff types of fan palms and a cardboard palm, and thats what I use. I have at times fed mine a little fish emulsion and superthrive which they love.
Another thing about some palms is, some types are very succeptible to a 'yellowing disease' and can start showing lots of yellowing of the foilage and leads to gradual decline and eventually death of the palm. I am no expert on that but you could ask on the palm forum here at GW there are lots of experts there. Hope this helps a little.

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