HAVE: Have several Bamboos

santoury(MA)December 7, 2007

I have P. bambusoides, P. aurea (I believe), P. aureosulcata (I believe), P. glauca, and what looks like a Fargesia, but is running, I think - it has brown papery sheaths all up the stems, Hakenchola maybe? Anyone want to help me ID it?

I have a bunch of the above, and don't really care for bamboo - so anyone want these, make me offers. I'm more into tropicals, subtropicals, trees.

Please, NO:


bulbs that go dormant

Stuff that I can get at a local Home Depot

Thank you!

I also have a large Buddha's Belly - Bambusa ventricosa. I'm not really into Bamboo, so I'll let this one go - I'll probably make six divisions. Offer me something SPECIAL and I may consider it.


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I just got back from a trip, and have a new bunch of bamboos listed below. I don't want them taking up space here. Thanks!

I've just finished potting up a lot of Bamboos and would rather get them out of here. They take up a lot of space as I am keeping them indoors at this time.
I have:

P. glauca
P. aurea
P. bambusoides
P. aureosulcata
P. makinoi/flexuosa (Can't tell which is which, but both species are included)
Arundinaria gigantea
Bambusa ventricosa

The B. ventricosa is very special, and would require a very special trade to encourage me to pull it up and make a division for you. (It is in a large pot.)

Right now, all of the leaves are either fallen off, or tan. They will start growing again in the spring. Some will still have part of the cane attached, but some will be a good healthy root.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a "pro" when it comes to bamboo, I just enjoy growing them and when I come across some, I give it a go.

I am interested in exotics, tropicals, stuff you won't find at local Home Depots. I am not interested in bulbs that go dormant. Let the trading begin!

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I don't really have much to trade (tons of seeds, and a few plants that probably don't meet your criteria), but I would love to try bamboo this year. I have a short growing season, and no bamboo, however hardy, will survive where I am(beleive me, if there was one, I would find it). So, I would love to trade or sase for your meanest, fastest growing and spreading bamboo. thanks,

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Do you have any bamboo left? I would like some that put out tall canes. As you can see I am ignorant of the terms and how to grow it. I don't have alot to trade, but I do have a healthy kentiana hoya that I can take cuttings from if you would like to trade, or I can pay postage. VERY interested. thank you, Micah

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hello_c_j_here(7 Cary, NC)

Hi, update... citrus didnt do well in the cold spell we had... some green left on them but not sure they will recover... the windmill palms are cold hardy and looking well too.

Its CJ from Cary, NC remember me :)

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I would be willing to unload some of your bamboo, but have a looksie at what I have to offer and see if your interested.

All are rooted and shooting out buds/leaves (2-3 ft') on the following:

red twig dogwood
yellow twig dogwood
dogwood tree
chinensis pistache tree
witch hazel
Japanese green leaf maple (astounding fall colors)
rosa rugosa (pink)

Check out a few in the pics @ this link:

Here is a link that might be useful: plant trade

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hello_c_j_here(7 Cary, NC)

Hmmmm Whats my Plum worth :-)

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I had lost your address. You had sold me bamboo aureosulcata in March / April well I placed them in large pots in my south facing rooms amd some out side and brought in AT NIGHT. Any way, nothing has survived. It sounds like you have more, any chance I could get a couple more rooted plants for postage?
Let me know (tjburke2@verizon.net)

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