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timber334(9)March 11, 2014

Hi I'm Tim and I am in STV. I have browed this board forum for years and finally joined. But I have a question, what is this plant I stumbled upon doing landscaping at my grandparents? Leaves are ovalish, limbs have few thorns, flowers are light green, fruit turns from light green to red like a tomato, seeds look like a super small tomato/ pepper seed.

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And it is intertwined with a creosote bush, and there are several all over this over grown area.

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Looks like Wolfberry (Lycium fremontii).

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Well I think I figured it out, a lycium pallidium or pale wolfberry.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Glad you've finally joined up and are posting, timber, that's great. I agree with you and the others that is sure looks like wolf berry to me too. I've been planting the seeds for years in my garden and they never sprouted until finally last year I got a few seedlings, so I'm excited to have them in the garden. Birds and bees really love them. Nice pics, by the way, keep the pics and posts coming. Often! :) Happy gardening!

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