Blooms on my Rhododenron now??

gardenbug(8b)October 30, 2012

My rhododendron called 'Sunshine Girl' is beginning to bloom out and it's the end of October. Is this normal? I'm in zone 8b, British Columbia. This rhody is about 2 years old. Thx

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I meant to say 'BLUESHINE GIRL' and not Sunshine girl.

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Some rhododendrons do have a tendency to bloom in the fall, a trait hybrids have inherited from their wild ancestors. It's more pronounced in some years than others - usually when a dry period in the summer is followed by a wet spell. The fall blooms are usually incomplete and mean that the spring bloom is somewhat reduced, so fall bloom is not really a desireable characteristic. It dosen't , however, mean that the plant itself is in any way at risk.

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akamainegrower - thank you kindly for your reply. This is interesting to know. I hope it will stop blooming now so I'll have lots of blooms in May. Thanks again.

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