Chile Heads question for AZ

toucan(9)March 9, 2013

As you know, shade in the summer here is at a premium. I started way more pepper seeds than I probably have enough shade for.

Has anyone planted peppers successfully in our full AZ searing hot sun without shade cloth? If so, what variety.

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Yep i don't have a sun shade. I grow all hot peppers. Nothing like sweet bell pepers. Now I don't get quit as hot so early as you but by Aug I am in the 100+ range and they do just fine.

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i grow them out in full sun in goodyear no problem best and hottest crop is the fall crop last year had seranos, jalapenos, barker , bigjim and anaheims, this year wenk yellow hot, bhuts, carribean red, barker, lumbre and japs, and seranos and i have 2yo black pearls and 3yo chilitepins

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Really. What kind of soil and set up do you have. Mine get burned badly by the sun/heat by August/Sept.

My eggplant does fine with the heat and sun though and may even have survived this winter.

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Raised beds 8x4
Soil - Dirt from the dump, left over top soil from bags, steer manurae, old potting mix from dead plants and plain dirt from the yard.
Just about everything is in those beds. My soil is black and the beds are about 5 years old.
I just posted-"Satsuma plum in bloom" and in the photo you can see part of the raised beds

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i grow them right out in the open probably an old field i use coffee grounds constantly for acidity and nitrogen and mg and jobes tomato stakes for fertalizer

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