General corksrew vine care

redfordazMarch 24, 2010


We are landscaping our back yard and I really want to plant corkscrew vine on the stucco columns of our back patio. The three colums go up to the balcony. It gets S/SW exposure and based on what I have read I think they will do well. So is it bad to have them grow on/near the stucco of the house? Will I need a trellis? Or are there other ways to get it to grow up the colums, like wire etc.? How often should I water? Is it terribly invasive? I'm new to vines so any help would be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance, your help is much appreciated.

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Sorry I'm so late with this. I couldn't figure out what a corkscrew vine was, but I finally woke up and googled it, and found out that I knew it as snail vine (for the flower buds). It should do fine on the column, but it will need a trellis or wires to climb--the stems don't wrap with any strength any item wider than a half inch in diameter. If you use wire, use the galvanized steel wiggly kind, if you can find it: it helps the stems to get a grip, and is stron enough and long lasting enough to be useful. Plastic coated steel wire can rust through quickly, and aluminum wire is rarely strong enough. Galvanized chicken wire is the strongest alternative to a trellis.

Hope it helps!
Kevin : )

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Thanks Kevin! That helps!

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