michele_1October 27, 2006

I've heard that rhododendrons do not do well in MS z7.

I have a very shady area in the woods I would like to plant a rhododendron if one would do well there. I need some big shrub to screen us from the neighbors at the back of our little woods.

Is there a variety of rhododendron that will do well in this area, MS z7?

If not, is there another shrub that will act as a screen in this very shady area?

I could really use your help on this one.



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Michele, I have about fifteen rhododendrons that are doing quite well. I am in Northeast Mississippi. Most of them are planted in dabbled shade around the edge of the lake. If they are too shaded they don't bloom well. They are slow growers for me. I have had some 12 years and they are about seven feet tall. Some hardy ones for the area are Nova Zembla, Cynthia, Gomer Waterer, Scintillation, Vulcan, and Pink Pearl. If I can be of any further help contact me at larrybrzl@aol.com Thanks Larry

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