No Blooms & Pruning Azalea

jeff3298October 14, 2009

My Azaleas this year had no blooms which is very unusal for all the bushes we have. They grew fine but no blooms, is it becaused I pruned them at the wrong time last year?

When do you prune them and can I prune them now? I need to prune them back alot.

Help! I miss the flowers!


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mainegrower(Z5b ME)

Prune after they flower in the spring. If you prune now you'll eliminate next year's blooms. You should be able to see the buds for next year now.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Azaleas should require little pruning other than removal of weak or dead wood and whatever trimming is necessary to keep them shapely. If you pruned last year and feel they need to be pruned back a lot this year, perhaps they are planted in the wrong location where there isn't really room for them, or the wrong varieties are planted.

Azaleas set their buds for the next seasons blooms in late summer. If you want to prune and still allow required weeks for new growth to emerge and mature in time to set buds, plan it as mainegrower said - immediately after bloom.

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These Azeleas have been in this location for over 30 years and bloom abundantly every year. I must have butchered them last year when I pruned them at the wrong time. They are growing onto and covering the walkway to the front porch.

I will let them grow, I would rather have the blooms and let us walk on the lawn!

I will prune after the spring bloom!


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