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FyrCapt22March 11, 2013

I recently moved and want to hit the restart button on my lawn. It appears to be a low level Bermuda and the lawn is full of low spots, holes and ruts. I want to re-level the lawn and then grow new grass from seed. I was thinking, rather than filling in with sand I could just rent a Sod cutter. This would allow me to level out the yard and then grow a hybrid Bermuda over the old. If it was a hardier denser Bermuda then it would choke out the old Bermuda... anyway this is my thought. wanted to run it by you experts to see what you think?

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Just get rid of the Bermuda. Don't plant more. Pretty much all grass is so bad here in the desert. Not because it doesn't look nice, but you become a slave to your grass. It is ridiculous to have to reseed it every winter and spring. All the water it takes. Just rip it out and do something better.

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I have never had good luck growing grass from seed. The weeds and old grass would allways out grow the grass seed. I think you are on the right track about leveling your yard with the sod cutter. I would suggest using sod unless you have a huge area to cover then seeding mat be your best bet.

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I've never had much luck planting Bermuda from seed, plus the seeds are so expensive. I'd go with sod.

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Cory D

actually last summer around the beginning of may I planted my bermuda from seed. Turned out great, and the couple of spots that didn't have as much germination filled right in! I am actually doing the front lawn right now from seed. Preparing it seems to be everything. The seeds need to be covered slightly and keep em moist. Good Luck!

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Hi FyrCapt22 ,

Bermuda established from seed will flower and produce pollen - so beware if you suffer from allergies.

The hybrid bermuda varieties don't produce pollen, even though they may send up the flower stalks they are sterile.

Hybird bermudas will never out-compete common bermuda and eventually the common type will completely choke out the hybrids.

The best time to kill your existing Bermuda is when its actively growing and when the weather is hot. Water it, fertilize it, don't mow it, and then apply an herbicide with glyphosate as the active ingredient (found in RoundUp and many other products). This will kill the below ground stolons and rhizomes.

If you decide to establish from seed check out Princess 77 which has fine blades and resembles the hybrids in appearance. Bermuda seed germinates best when night time temperatures are above 65 - usually mid-May.

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terrie2(9 AZ)

Our last home had a horrible back yard when we moved in with just clumps of burmuda, weeds and big ugly bare spots. We wanted a nice patch of lawn for our then ten year old son and his dog to play in so my hubby dug it up, leveled, ammended it and sowed a hybrid burmuda. It turned out beautifully and so nice & thick that it choked out any weeds that dared to enter that area, lol. It was also very easy care. I'd say go for it!

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Cory D

Hey, just an update, I got germination already on my year old seed lol and its only been 8 days! Hopefully you decided to go for it!!! :-)

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So I went with the Sod Cutter .. This is a before picture

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Once I finished up with the Sod Cutter, I used a push broom and shovel to clean up all the left overs...

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I hauled in the Mason sand but just before I spread it around I installed sprinklers while I had a "blank canvas"

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I used a push broom and landscape rake to spread the mason sand around

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After a whole bunch of Lawn rolling and elbow grease this was the end result... As far as leveling goes. I have some Princess 77 seed that I will be using but wanted to wait. The forecast calls for a "cool" Monday and Tuesday.. It will probably still be above 70 degrees at the lowest here in AZ but the seed is pricey so I don't want to rick it.. I will post more pictures as the grass come in.. well hopefully comes in!! Thanks to all for your input and comment sharing, I appreciate the help!

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Cory D

Well it definitely looks good already and there isn't any grass yet! Keep up the great work, can't wait to see more!!

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