Inducing offsets without cutting

brownest_thumbMarch 19, 2013

Is there any way to induce a bulb to offset without cutting it up?

Many of mine have set offsets randomly, but I would love to be able to force them to offset at will.

I have noticed that the smaller the pot and the more rootbound the bulb is, the more offsets they have produced. A blossfeldiae that I just dug up from a pitifully small container produced 4 offsets over the course of the last 6 months. Another rootbond pot produced 9 offsets!

Now obviously each variety ranges in their propensity to offset, but perhaps this is a universal odds increaser.

Anyone notice the same with their bulbs?

New blosfeldiae offsets:

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9 offsets!

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Roots roots roots!

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From an evolutionary biology standpoint, it makes some sense that when plants are stressed (as with being root bound, having a cut bulb, or damage from the horrible narcissus bulb fly) they may be more prone to create offsets... all in a desperate attempt to keep the plant's genes going through new life/plants. Many hippies are naturally epiphytes... if they were growing in nature and in a root bound situation, new offsets would have the potential of breaking from the mother plant and falling to a location where they could establish themselves. Just one opinion... -Tina

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