why is it blooming now??

sorie6(6b ok.)October 1, 2013

This azalea is blooming now. I thought they bloomed in the spring?
We just moved into this house 3 mo. ago. nothing had been taken care of plant wise.
Wondering what kind they are. Anyone here know? I'll post a pic of the flower in reply.

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sorie6(6b ok.)


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Certain varieties of rhododendrons and azaleas have a tendency to bloom again in the fall as well as in the spring. It dosen't necessarily happen every year, but when weather conditions and rainfall are right, it does. It's not really a desireable characteristic because the fall blooms are often not as developed as the more usual spring ones.

There are 1000's of varieties of evergreen azaleas, many, many of them pink. Someone may recognize yours, but it's not likely from a photo.

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Thank you. I sure hope it blooms in the spring. Should I fertlize it? If so when?

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It's really not a good idea to fertilize without a soil test first, but probably this advice is ignored by 99% of all gardeners. Best time to fertilize is twice: in the very early spring before bloom and just after when new growth is stongest. Use Hollytone or another organic type intended for azaleas and rhododendrons at 50% of the amount recommended on the package.

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It's obvious you have encore azaleas they are a new kind of azalea tthat can rebloom 2 or sometimes 3 times a year, as long as you see buds forming after they bloom your azaleas will be ok

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Thanks I've read the Encore's rebloom. Great. I love it.

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It's obvious you have encore azaleas

Sorry, but it's not obvious at all!! First, Encore azaleas tend to have much larger leaves than the one shown in the photo and they are borderline hardy in zone 6.

As akamainegrower stated, it is not at all uncommon for rhododendrons and azaleas (and a bunch of other, non-related plants) to throw a few blossoms in late summer/early fall. This is very common after a long warm and dry summer........the plants enter a pseudo-dormancy as a coping mechanism and when cooler and wetter conditions occur with the shortened daylight of fall, they acknowledge this as spring-like weather and bloom accordingly. It is not guaranteed, always a sparser bloom than the normal bloom season and seldom affects the shrub's ability to bloom on schedule.

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