moulman(6a)October 31, 2007

I have recently received an Azalea as a gift. It is from one of those store "floral counters". There are actually three plants in the pot (6") and they are standing about a foot high.

It is in full bloom, with some buds still opening. So I am assuming it is not a Satsuki.

It is my underatnding from the quick research that I've done, that these "gift shop" varieties are not hardy ( I live in zone 5/6 - temps can remain below 0F for weeks at times).

So.... I am intending to wait until it stops flowering, then separate the 3 plants and repot each into a training pot size container, and move them to a cool room to finish out the winter (50-55F).

As I have no experience with Azaleas, I thought I'd solicit advice....

Oh, and they will be bonsai'd in the spring

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

Satsuki azaleas are usually typified by the fact they are bred to have variation in the flowers on the each plant. For example they have petals with different colors or different patterns. Not all are like this but most are. This is called sporting in many other varieties but normal with satsukis.

Your project sounds fascinating.

I have a website in azaleas at: http://rhodyman.net/rahome.html

Regarding greenhouse azaleas, I am going to refer you to a great article by the Minnesota Extension Service on Greenhouse Azaleas:

Here is a link that might be useful: Care of Greenhouse Azaleas

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Thanks! I will read everything on your website!

I'll try to remember to check back with pics in the spring.


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