Worried about Rhodo's that struggled this spring

oman3466October 5, 2013

I posted back in the spring with pics of my Rhododendrons and the trouble they were in as we came out of winter. I pruned them back and planted on new one. I was hoping the worst was over.
However, the past few weeks I've seen branches dying and even the new plant has some dying branches.
So, I'm worried about the soil, or disease perhaps? I'm posting pics i the hopes that you all might be helpful to me.

Thanks in advance.

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Another pic where I tried to center more on the newest plant that I placed there in the spring.

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There really isn't anything terribly alarming in either photo - both show lots of buds set for next spring and healthy green leaves except for those yellowing ones which are those about to fall naturally.

There are some dead branches in the lower photo, but only a couple. This sometimes happens without any obvious cause. The proximity of the hose may have caused physical damage to the branches.

There is a good deal of light green growth very late in the season in the lower photo. Too much or too late fertilizer, perhaps? The larger rhododendron is quite leggy and perhaps - can't tell for sure from the photo - shows some need for water in the upper leaves. Legginess like this is sometimes unavoidable because of the angle of direct sun.

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