alabama azalea

bobbygil(7)October 8, 2005

Hi..i'm new to azaleas, can anyone tell me what the requirements are for Rhododenron alabamense. Can I get by with just 3-4 hours of dappled sun? How big do they get etc...thanks

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Hi, I got mine from Lazy K Last fall and it has done well under similar conditions. I make sure mine is mulched and it had to be watered quite a bit this summer when it was very hot and dry.

Good luck! You will love it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Alabamense

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3-4 hours may not be enough to set many flower buds for the next year. However, you can try it and if you get little to no flower buds this time next year, move it.

That is the only issue with getting enough sun - whether you have enough to produce flowers.

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Thanks..I got them from the Chatt. nature center esh. They already have buds. I do have a spot I can move them to that gets more sun but its kind of out of the way and I wont see them as easily as where they are now. Because they have already set buds, will I still have to wait to be able to tell till this time next year ?

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Cool, I love CNC and just got some stuff there at last week's sale. I have a plumleaf azalea that I got there about 4 years ago and it's doing great (had tons of flowers this year).

Yes, you would still have to wait until next year to know because that is when they will set buds based on how much sun they get in their NEW place.

I say plant them where you want them and just see how they do.

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laxfan(z7 GA)

I got an alabama azalea from CNC a few years ago and it's doing fine in half-day sun. (BTW, CNC extended the dates of this year's sale because of the rain last week- today and next friday-saturday from 9 to 5.) However, the plumleaf az I bought at Callaway Gardens several years ago has never blossomed! Everything I read about it says shade, but I guess I'm giving it too much shade. esh, how much sun does yours get?

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Mine gets about 5 hours of morning sun after earlier being in a shadier location. Once it got more sun, the bloom production increased.

That's one thing I've learned about native azaleas - you've got to give them a bit more sun than you think. And if you can give them morning sun, you can give them as much as 6 hours.

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laxfan(z7 GA)

looks like my plumleaf is gonna be moving! I just bought 2 more, 1 gallon size at the CNC sale and I'll group them in a sunnier area. the entire east side of my property is wooded, so morning sun is out.

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