What Kind of Chlorosis?

haname(z9 AZ NE Phoenix)March 1, 2013

I was out puttering and trimming when I discovered some chlorotic leaves on my parsley plant:

The plant otherwise mostly looks pretty normal to me.

Does anyone know what this indicates? Thanks :)

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Has the plant recovered?

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It almost looks like the opposite of chlorosis to me...that is, the leaves are green, but the veins are pale. I've seen it on my own parsley from time to time, but I'm afraid I don't know the cause.

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haname(z9 AZ NE Phoenix)

There's just a little area where It still has these odd leaves. I didn't remove all of them but it hasn't spread any further in the plant. Maybe it's caused by something feeding on the chlorophyll inside the leaf, or maybe it's a virus like the one that produces the interesting variegations in tulips, or some other type of infection. Since that's a possibility, I think I should remove all affected stems to prevent the possibility of spread.

This is the second year with this plant and it has multiplied quite a bit in its pot. I always thought parsley was a biennial, just blooming the second year, but this one bloomed the first year I had it, and is getting ready to bloom again. Turns out, there is also a perennial parsley. It's a great plant for attracting beneficial insects, not to mention, it's a nice herb for the kitchen. :) And if it is perennial, all the better!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tulips Broken by Viruses

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