Anybody want an Algerian Clementine Mandarin tree?

thisisme(az9b)March 11, 2011

I purchased some new citrus and need to get rid of an in ground planted Algerian Clementine Mandarin. The fruit is so sweet and juicy. I just don't like citrus that contain seeds so this one has to go. Its well branched and roughly 6-7' tall and 4' wide with a 2" trunk. I have a Gold Nugget Mandarin that is waiting to take its place. I will try to give it a good size root ball. If you don't have anything to put it in I will give the taker a 25 gallon pot.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

Wish I lived closer and was a little more settled. My wife loves those things. We would have taken it in a heartbeat.


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Its really a nice tree too Dave. If no one wants it I will just dig it up and pot it up. Then again if no one wants it and it decides to be a pain to remove I can just chop it. It would be a shame though. This would be a $ 250.00 tree purchased at a nursery.

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pgde(Tucson Zone 9)

Please see your email. Where are you? Am interested.

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I'm interested as well. I'm in Peoria. If I don't get the tree, perhaps I could get a branch so I can graft it into one of my other citrus trees.
On the other hand I'm thinking, why pull the thing up? graft something else onto it and enjoy the different fruits. I mean the root system is probably established, so why not just do a "sex change" you know. Budding is pretty easy to do and cheap. You probably could get fruits on the grafted branch right away.

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greendersrt I had not thought of grafting. Still I have a new 15 gallon Gold Nugget that needs a place to be planted. I want to keep all of my citrus together and without an open spot one has to go and the Clementine is my least favorite.

In emails I already gave it pgde as soon as its dug up. As far behind as I am on my garden and such it will probably be three weeks before I can get to it. If he decides he does not want it before then I will let you know.

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if everyone falls thru ill totally take it.. so long as it fits in my jetta (back seats fold down) =)

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I will totally take it if you have no other offers! I am in Gilbert. If it's taken, do you remember where you got it from? I've been looking at some local nurseries for one and haven't found any.

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pgde decided he no longer wants the tree. greendesert if you still want the tree its yours. Its dug up and resting nicely in a 25 gallon tree pot ready to go. It has a nice sized rootball with nice white healthy looking roots too.

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I will e-mail you

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Hi, where do you live in Az. Im sure interesetd in the tree.

Brian (951) 906-2063

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bsrenfrow, true to his word greendesert picked it up way back in March.

A word of warning. Do not post your phone number or address or email address online. Its OK to allow members to email you since they have to sign in. But posting it is a no no because there are automated programs that scan forum sites for information that are run by thousands of scammers and it can lead to lots of unwanted calls, emails and letters.

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