FARGESIA robusta Bamboo Green Screen??

buzzboyJanuary 28, 2007

I did some looking around on this forum as well as other sites and it seems like the FARGESIA robusta Bamboo Green Screen is best for me. However, I always like to get other opinions to ensure I'm not missing something.

I am looking to create a narrow hedgle on the backside of my metal fence. It needs to grow tall as the folks in back of us sit on the higher side of the block and can see into our backyard/pool.

I am looking to go the entire back length of the fence about 50 feet and I only have about a total of 6 feet from fence to common area (no planting).

I was thinking about FARGESIA robusta Bamboo Green Screen based on what I read but not sure.

Live in PA, plants will get full sun, watering is not an issue (sprinkler system).

So....members is this a bad idea? Are there better options?

I am looking to start planting for this year and once I select a type I want to start researching care.

Thanks in advance for your help!!


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I like Fargesias and this one will look good. They are less disease-prone than Phyllostachys. It's a clumper, meaning it will be easier to control than runners.

Check the exposure. Even tho they come from high elevations, they are surprisingly shade-tolerant, probably because there are open woods even at their high elevations, and because summer skies are often overcast in the Himalaya and southwestern China. My Fargesia is in full sun but I am further north in a part of the world notorious for leaden skies. You might say mine gets full cloud exposure for most of the year.

How tall is "tall"? In my part of the world I think F. robusta would get about 20 feet, but I don't know about yours.

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Fargesia is a good choice for our area. But, if you have to cover 50 feet, it is going to be quite pricey for you to plant that many plants.
Also, they are slow growers. They will not fill in for a nice screen at a decent height for about 2-3 years.
If you don't mind that, go right ahead and get them.
I think they are beautiful bamboo and they look great in the winter when everything else except conifers are not.
They even hold up OK in the snow. Mine are bent over, but will be upright as soon as the snow stops.
They are truly beautiful.

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butterfly4u thank you for the feedback. Any recommendation on where to purchase?

Thanks again,

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My favorite nursery is Greenwoodnursery.com
But you can search on the internet and mabey even a local nursery can order some for you.
I have always been happy with the above nursery and the quality of their plants.
Good Luck Buzz!

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