Wamin Bamboo (Dwarf Buddha Belly) has problems...HELP!

pfkaplan1January 10, 2012

I am a newly self-described and non-recovering Bamboo Addict, just planted 15 clumping trees in ground from 15 - 25 gallon pots..... all at once....4 Gracilis, 10 dwarf gracilis, and one ever-so-cute Wamin, for decorative purposes... and then.... the cold front came through last week. Most of the trees are cold tolerant to 15 degrees, so they are fine. I covered the Wamin and put a small 60 watt lamp inside the cover to keep it warmer. But, the Wamin is looking ill. All the leaves curled up lengthwise and were 'crispy'. Of course I watered it immediately. I also gave it a shower of water. I check it every morning for signs of improvement. Two days ago and this morning when I checked the leaves had opened up! Still a bit lackluster in coloring, but open. Two hours later, when the sun hits it, the leaves curl up again. I checked the soil and it is fine, not wet or dry, I stick my finger in there and its moist-ish...the moisture meter is registering in the center. Does anyone know what is happening with my baby?

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My zone is 9 not 8 as I originally posted.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

This variety is only hardy to about 30F. If you are in an area that gets to freezing occasionally, this plant is not going to be happy outdoors. You will have periodic damage, and it could well die from one too many cold snaps. I don't know what to suggest, other than growing this one in a pot indoors. I've learned the hard way not to try to grow bamboo that are marginal in terms of hardiness in my Zone.

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Kudzu said it well.

I kept mine in pots until they got some size to them before planting outdoors, but they freeze to the ground every year without any protection, but always come back nicely.

However, they will never get really large growing them this way. In warmer winters, they don't always get as much damage to the lower culms, and I have had culms 4" thick before.

I would suggest planting them on the south side of your house or other strusture that will give them added heat on those colder nights and protect them from those cold north winds. That will help them greatly.


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