Containing Golden Bamboo

oddnumberJanuary 7, 2014

Hi all, as I've mentioned in other posts we have a 10 metre span of golden bamboo that is acting as a prvacy screen for us. We planted it in May, but naively didn't use barriers - purely becasue we didn't know about them.

So, fast forward 8 months to now and I want to retro-install barriers to stop the spread. Directly behind the row there is a fence and a neighbour's garden (which we're trying to block), and to the left there's another neighbour's garden that doen't have lawn and is gravelled over hardcore so less of a worry.

Is it possible to use barriers this late in the game? Have I made a massive error? Any help appreciated!

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You say it's a recently planted 30 meter span -- did you plant a row of smaller containers spaced several feet (ok a meter) apart or something? If so then the rhizomes cannot possibly have spread too much after being in the ground just 7-8 months.

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Hi there, thanks for the reply :)

It's a 10 meter span, with two rows planted in a staggered formation about 30" apart. If that makes sense?

I don't think it's spread too far yet, but is it possible to install a barrier AFTER planting them?

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