Report on germinating seeds for 2013

dondelduxMarch 13, 2013

My first cross of Chico x PapExStasy started out looking good. I had 5 pods and I got loads of small seeds but after soaking, they all were streaked with red. It got worse, the seedlings just started to turn to mush. I threw the last of them away a few weeks ago.

My second attempt fared much better. Both papilio seedpods opened to a good number of healthy seeds although the pap x Chico cross had a good number of pock marked seeds. The pap xTango/frozen Ruby Star pollen cross produced a greater number of good seeds. Both crosses are germinating with fat healthy seedlings. Good size, no red, and no mush.

Most all of the Tango/Ruby Star seedlings that I soaked germinated almost as soon as they hit the water so I think this must be a vigirous cross.

The Chico cross germinated well also but not as quickly and not as many as the other.

I have lost all attempts on Sweet Lilian and there were many..and all attempts on Pink Diamond bit the dust too. I have lost too many more to mention but it's still going to be a good year.

I am sitting here staring at 4 large pods on Sumatra (which selfed themselves) and I don't really want to grow them on so when they ripen if anyone would like some just let me know. There will be others that I will offer up too. I think I am going to have lots of seeds to give away again this season.

Here are the self selfed Sumatra pods:

I do have several other papilio crosses that also took using papilio as the pollinator!

Thanks for looking,


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Donna, what do you do with the rooted seedlings that fall to the bottom? I am tempted to just leave mine, but I know bad seeds sink, so am a little perplexed by the rooted ones that sink.

Those Sumatra pods look good. Hope you'll keep some as you might get some interesting cybister offspring based on whatever went into Sumatra.

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I've had bad seeds float too.

I'll just leave them where they are and keep my eye on them and if they progress to the point where they grow a leaf the I'll just plant with the others. I find that the ones with a root that sink, seem to be coming out of the seed sort of twisted. But other than that I expect that they will be fine. I really don't know why some sink like that.

I'll keep a small amount of the Sumatra seeds but at this point since it's not a cross I actually wanted I just can't grow everything on, I've already run out of space!

They'll be good for others to experiment with....Donna

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Hi Donna,
I would love some Sumatra seeds. I'll Pm you later to see if I have any you might want.

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OK Mike, I should have a slew of them if all goes right.
I'll let you all know when they have "hatched".


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Very exciting. Good luck with the Chico - one I've never had any success with, and now my last remaining bulb of this type has died. Interesting with the Sunmatra self cross - might try that too

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Hi Donna
I'd love some, if you have any left?
I'll pay postage too as I live in Australia.

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Hi Heather,
My Sumatra seeds were so old (and I hadn't kept them in the fridge) that I finally disposed of them. I gave many away but with all those pods I had way too many. Next year if you're interested, I'll make some cybister crosses on Sumatra and will be glad to share some seeds with you. When my Sumatra blooms again I'll post and hopefully you'll see it.Tune in again next late winter and you'll see that several of us have extra seeds we are willing to share...


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how to do cross poli? can't wait mine to bloom.

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Yes please that would be great.

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