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whodaz(7)January 3, 2011

hello there,

I would like to know which bamboo do you guys recommend for zone 8.. i'm looking for the type that doesn't spread through the air and to have a few fast growers of about 3in or more in thickens and more than 25ft tall.. what do you guys recommend?

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

First, let me start by correcting a misconception...bamboo doesn't "spread through the air." It only seeds about every 20-150 years (depending on the species), and drops the seed in place. Second, living in Zone 8, you have many bamboo to choose from that will stay evergreen throughout the year, but few that will get 3" or more in diameter, and certainly not fast. I've been growing about 80 types of bamboo in Zone 8 for about 10 years, and my biggest ones are approaching 20-25 feet and are maybe 2" in diameter. The really big bamboo are tropical and won't typically survive in your Zone. All the bamboos that will grow large culms in Zone 8 and that are hardy and evergreen are running bamboo, typically in the Phyllostachys genus. You might consider Ph. edulis (Moso), Ph. nigra (Black), or Ph. nigra (Henon); or Ph. vivax if you don't have snow (this is a large, but thin-walled bamboo which breaks under load). The link below is to a site with pictures and info on specific bamboo characteristics that may help.

Here is a link that might be useful: BambooWeb

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