I'm an optimist... replanted hacked-out azaleas

lipwak(6/NY)November 9, 2006


My landlady had some guy rip out a bunch of azaleas that she didn't like anymore. I wanted to transplant them but wasn't able to dig them up; it was too hard. So, her friend came by and somehow got them out of the ground and lay them on the side of the driveway about a week or two ago. They are still green. As I cleaned things up today, I moved them over to a spot I like and stuck them in the ground. We've had LOTS of rain lately so the soil was extremely moist and it was easy to get them in.

Is there ANY chance any of them will surprise me by surviving? I will go look for the root balls of the three plants tomorrow but what I've planted today are pruned branches.

If they don't take I won't be disappointed but if any of them do, I'd be so happy.

I'm an optimist who has been pleasantly surprised before.


John L

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

It sounds like you tried to stick cuttings hoping they would root. If they were evergreen azaleas and the cuttings were fresh, then some of them may root. Since they weren't fresh, I doubt that you will have much luck.

If they are deciduous azaleas, I doubt if you can get any of the cuttings to root.

If the leaves were green and soft, then there is a good chance the ones with root balls will make it. If they were getting crisp and still green, then they are in trouble. If they show signs of struggling, then you can help them along by removing flower buds before they bloom and cutting them back. Watch closely when the weather is dry so that they don't dry out. Also make sure there is good drainage. They can not stand wet roots or dry roots. It must be moist and well drained.

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Thanks for the reply. They are evergreens so there may be some hope but they were lying around cut for at least two weeks so they probably take a long time to lose their green. (I see some other evergreens I cut last year, still looking green in the brush pile!)

All I can be is surprised if they root. I'm looking forward to it but not expecting it.

Thanks for again for the reply!


John L

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