best clumping bamboo for narrow plantings

socteauJanuary 4, 2010

I have a narrow space along the side of my house, aprox. 45'x3'. I need to be able to have access to and walk down the side of my house. I would like to plant a higher branching clumping bamboo that will provide screening around 6" and up. Does anyone have any recommendations as to the best variety to plant? What will my maintainence be like?


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So the three foot space along the side of your house, will be used for planting and having a walk area?


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I wasn't clear on that either -- is it 3' total, or 3' for bamboo (with another 3' or whatever for the walkway)?

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sorry. the space is narrow, ~3' wide. it is on the side of house where the utilities are located. so access is needed, but not like a formal walking path. i would like to plant bamboo but am wondering if the clumping bamboo will need all the space (width-wise) to provide an adequate hedge.

my neighbor cut down our "mutual" vines and i have always liked bamboo's look. we had bamboo in the past in our backyard as a screen, but it was the run for your life variety. i would like to use clumping bamboo as a screen between houses.


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With only 3' of space, you'll need something very upright, with very short branches. I don't know if any clumpers fit that description, or would fit in that space when mature.

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