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beautifulweedsMarch 2, 2006

Hi I am new to gardening and live in AZ. Would like to start a garden not sure where to start. I planted a few things last year golden something, you see them landscaped at most homedepots. I just would like something to fill in the dirt- flowers, greenery anything. Tried Dahalias, didn't go to well. Tried wildflowers maybe 2 plants came up from the huge bag I bought. 1 sunflower from many packets, and that was after I pulled it thinking it was a weed. I replanted it quickly after my husband told me that was my plant. It lived it looked pitiful. Is it too late to plant anything? Would apprciate some suggestions. thanks

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Get the Sunset Western Garden Book. Figure out what Zone you are in, and do NOT plant anything that they don't say will grow in that zone.

Dahlias are DIFFICULT, wildflowers have to be the right kind,

Read the site linked below. We are starting the "spring" season, when you can plant a lot of things.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lazy, cheapskate gardening

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frangipaniaz(z9 Az)

Sunflowers grow really well in zone 9... I'm zone 9 and these are the various things that I've had lots of luck with:
Gerber Daisy
various vines

It all depends on if you want seeds or plants... I hope some of this helps and feel free to ask more questions :)

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azglasslady(USDA 7)

I am so happy that I found this forum!! I love to garden but don't have a lot of time to put into it. I have lived in Payson for 2 years now and am still trying to find out what works around here. Fortunately, there wasn't much around the house and we have gravel for a lawn. I am glad to hear that the Sunset Garden Book works well in this area. Used it in CA, and gave it to my daughter when we moved.Got any good advice on keeping the javelinas away?

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Block walls, chain-link fences, machine guns ... they are persistent

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azglasslady(USDA 7)

Personally, I like the machine gun idea!!!

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