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jenna1(AZ)March 24, 2012

We presently live in North Central California, near Sacramento. We're retiring and moving to the Bullhead City area in September of this year.

I plan on digging up and bringing alot of plants, some that I've already rooted and potted up, others I'll dig before we move and bring bare root. I've been rethinking some of the plants that I would like to go with us and would love your opinions on what will and won't survive during the Summer heat.

What I plan on bringing so far are canna (about 10 varieties), brugmansias, several salvias, elephant ears, lamb's Ear and ornamental banana (Murelli).

Despite the heat, will these survive and thrive down there or should I forget about some of them?

Thanx for your help and advice!


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pgde(Tucson Zone 9)

I'm not an expert in ornamentals, but I think you need to determine how much soil amending you will have to do and the amount of watering (cost). Also, keep in mind our water is very hard and alkaline down here which might present a transplant issue. It seems you might want to research xerographic plants.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

I will mention that Canna don't look as good in Arizona as they do in other places - without a *lot* of water, they tend to brown out on the edges of the leaves.

Other than that, I think most will survive. Your Brugs will need shade, I'm not sure about the lamb's ear and the elephant ears will almost need to be pond plants.

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Raimeiken - z9b - Peoria, AZ

Tropical plant enthusiast here. Your Cannas will do great here in full sun. The more the better, as long as you keep them moist. Amend the mostly hard clay soil we have here with lots of compost. Or do what I did, I removed 1ft or more of the hard clay and threw in a faster and more loose soil. And don't forget to mulch!

here's mine during this past summer.

Your elephant ears on the other hand has to be in full shade. I planted a few in different light conditions here and the one that did the best was the one in full shade. The one that got 3-4 hours of morning sun still wilted to the ground in the middle of the summer, but came back in fall.

here's one of my Alocasias behind my Cannas

Burgmansia needs shade also and lots of water. Mine died back in the summer (which I think is a common thing here since it gets too hot and dry) but it comes back in the fall.

Bananas do great here as well. need lots of water and mulch.

I'm not sure about Salvias and Lamb's ears since I don't have experience with them.

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