Does my lawn need seeding?

adi_az_gwMarch 27, 2014

Hello everybody-

Attached are the pictures of my lawn with Bermuda grass.

It used to be healthy. Had heavy weed infestation during winter, and I treated with multiple applications of weed killers. Now weeds seemed to have died off.

I have not watered the lawn for more than a month now.

Does my lawn need seeding? Or will it spring up with regular watering? Can somebody help me with watering schedules?

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One more picture

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Wait to seed your lawn as Bermuda seed germinates best when night time temperatures are above 65 degrees, usually in May.

For now, keep watering to keep the underground rhizomes alive. This time of year once every week to 2 weeks should do it as long as the water is soaking down to 6 - 8 inches. Use a long screwdriver to check. About 30 minutes to an hour after watering probe your lawn area in several places. It will be easy to push the probe as deep as the water soaked, but difficult where the water stopped. If you can only probe 3 inches, you need to water longer.

After you apply the seed, you'll need to water several times a day until it germinates. A thin layer of compost or mulch will slow evaporation and protect seeds from birds.

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thanks for the response. I am hoping that the grass grows without seeding. I am watering for now, and will see if the grass starts growing again.

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Is this area in the area of a shade tree? If so it will be very hard to get the bermuda to come back to it's full vigor.

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No, the area does get sunlight.

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