A few blooms......

dondelduxMarch 18, 2011

Hi, Just a few flowers blooming to share with you...

Gervase..last year she was all pink..this year she has many faces..I actually think she was prettier last year...

Rock 'N Roll..not my favorite, but there was a little fragrance..


and the ever beautiful Temptation...excuse me if I've already posted this one..I can't remember..

and lastly Santa Cruz..I have one growing pod x papilio..will see...

Thanks for looking,


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Absolutely beautiful. Where do you buy the bulbs ?

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Hi cedler,

Thank you! I buy my bulbs anywhere and everywhere..nursuries, Ebay, online nurseries..big box stores you name it!!


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Donna, I think your Gervase is gorgeous this year. I love the first stripey one. They all look great. How interesting that Santa Cruz has some pap cross seeds growing. Good luck with those!


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brigarif Khan

LAST YEAR IT WAS PINK THIS YEAR IT HAS MANY FACES: well said that is what I like about the plant.
If it was growing in a bed along with other,without a marker;could you have recognised it?

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quail(USDA 9)

Hi, Donna.
What color is Rock 'n Roll? Made a note that she has a little fragrance :) Thanks!

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I think all your blooms are beautiful even you Gervase ;) I love your Santa Cruz it is one of my favorites, good luck on your papilio cross.


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Arif, Most definitely I would have recognized it since only one flower was mostly red, the others.. although different.. have that look with the small red stripes that so far I've only seen in Gervase..and by the I forgot to mention that there is a fragrance to him/her..you have to stick your nose in the flower, but it's there.

Alana and AJ.. I am hoping for a couple of seeds, but it's way too early only about 3 weeks.. the seedpod is so tiny, but I guess that's expected on such a small flower.. the pod is still dark green, looks like a pea.. still hard and the pedicle hasn't started to wither, that's usually the first sign for me...

Michelle, Rock 'n Roll is a large bright red and white double..very loud..but stick your nose in the flower fragrant..I forgot to mention, that Gervase is stick your nose in the flower fragrant also..I'd recommend a Gervase between the two flowers...I wouldn't be without one...


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Absolutely beautiful blooms!!!!!!! I love the pictures you take :)

I love 'Santa Cruz' and I wasn't able to find it this year.... Does anyone know where I can find one?


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Thanks, Josh, I bought mine from Ebay last year, but now that you mention it, I don't recall seeing it for sale this year....

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Absolutely amazing!! I am going to have to find a Gervase, it is beautiful!
Sandra :)

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