Source for Red Worms?

spyral(z9 AZ)March 13, 2009

Does anyone know of a local (Phoenix) source for red worms for vermicomposting? There are some folks who come out to the local farmer's markets but their prices are kind of expensive -$30 for one pound. Ordering online is also expensive. I bought a few from a pet shop (feeders) but they weren't enough to keep up with my kitchen scraps.

Any thoughts?

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Summer Winds Nursery has them in stock (as of Sunday the 15th). They're located between Union Hills and Bell on Tatum.

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

also any place that sells fishing bait : ) Big 5 sporting goods in my area as well as a number of small tackle shops.

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castiliana(7 AZ)

If your bin is outdoors the cheapest way to get tiger worms is to find someone with an old moist manure pile, they are the smallish striped ones you will find in any good heap of old horse or cow dung. Unless you feel like washing them off first though don't put them into an indoor bin, theres all kinds of other critters that are great for the bin but not so nice in the house that come along in the manure (learned that one the hard way).

I have both farm found tigers and regular old bait shop nightcrawlers mixed together in my bins, they both work well but to be honest, the large number of worms you are going to need to take care of regular kitchen scraps almost makes buying them worth it. Unless you are patient enough to wait the 1-2 years until your worms have multiplied enough (or have a really friendly farmer nearby).

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The problem with bait worms is that they tend to be starved, and could be sick. the best way is to start with a pound of worms, and slowly ramp them up so they become accustomed to your food.

I also recognized the issue of there being no steady supply of eisenia fetida in Phoenix, so am ramping up my commercial bins... It will be a little while before my pets are able to be sold, though.

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