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liztorchJanuary 31, 2009

Sorry for the long message - I'm a bad summarizer:

When moved I was so happy to have a large patch of bamboo in my patio garden. Turns out the plant was MAJORLY infested with white flies, green flies, and pretty much every other insect.

I asked my landlord to have it chopped down, which he did. I knew it would grow back, but I was hoping I'd be able to keep it more under control, and I hoped the bug problem was solved.

Fast forward to today - I have a couple feet of bamboo, and unfortunately the bug problem is worse than ever. I just chopped everything off again but I know it's only a matter of weeks before I have the same problem. I don't think digging up the rhizome will work because there is bamboo all over the property (outside my fence and creeping in).

If I put a very large, heavy planter - I'm thinking at least 3'x3' (actually it will probably have to be bigger) - right on top of the stumps, what will happen - will they be forced into submission by an insanely heavy pot full of dirt and other plants? Will shoots start popping up elsewhere in my garden (I don't know why, but the patch is in a very limited area of my garden right now)?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

I have never heard of an outdoor bamboo having insect infestation problems like that. In fact, compared to other plants, bamboo is pretty bug-resistant, except for aphids and bamboo mites.W here do you live?

Also, are you 100% sure this is bamboo? (There are a number of plants that resemble bamboo, but are not.) And, if it is bamboo, do you have any idea what species?

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