phyllostachys nigra

chills71(Zone 6b Mi)January 15, 2010

I have a potted P. Nigra that I' have had in a pot for the past 2 years. It did fine last winter, but this winter it is having a problem (a couple actually)

I cannot place it outdoors. It has to stay in the pot (too cold and ground frozen).

I have a cat that has been chewing on the lower leaves, I fear this may have led to some compacting of the soil. Also the dry conditions in the house (forced hot air) may have also contributed to the problems.

the plant has nearly totally defoliated. I am trying to keep it as comfortable as possible, I've managed to stop the compaction and am working on keeping the water more consistant. I do fear the almost total loss of foliage, though (95% I would estimate). The plant is in a 5 gal pot and should it make it through the winter I will repot it into a 10 gal or more pot....but that is likely months away.

Any ideas, bamboo people?


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The heat in my house and geenhouses dries out my potted bamboos. P. nigra is particularly affected by the dryer air.

If you could put it someplace where the humidity is higher, that would help a lot. Maybe putting a mister on it.

The cat compacting the soil is not a problem at all.


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I agree, keep it as cool and humid as possible as a containerized plant. Do you have a frost free garage? (Don't forget the occasional watering either.) Is this going into the ground eventually? If so, select a somewhat protected location as 6b is marginal for this species. It also will take a few years to establish itself--especially if it suffers regular winter set backs.I've had bamboos suffer near 100% leaf loss (after trasplant) and recuperate. This is a nice species though, not AS aggressive as other Phyllostachys species. Good luck!

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