Transplanting by burying the stalk

apewranglerJanuary 26, 2012

I've been asking around for a couple months about how to transplant bamboo. There's a ton of good info here, but a few old school farmers around here made an interesting suggestion. I haven't seen anything here along those lines, and it sounds too good to be true.

They related bamboo to planting sugar cane. They call it the "same thing". They suggested to dig up complete stalks with a root ball, plow a shallow trench, place the whole stalk in the trench, and cover all up with soil. Supposedly, new stalks will form at each node, and it will spread roots.

Is that even possible?

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That is supposed to work with some clumping tropical bamboos. I think the branches need some exposure to the light.

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I agree with Steve. I think the branches need to be above ground.

I've done this with a couple of Bambusas but I didn't take a division, I simply layed, or bent down, one of the outer culms into a 'ditch' that I dug away from the clump and covered it completely exept for the limbs at the nodes and the top foot or two of the culm.

Eventually the nodes will develop roots and can be divided.

Sugarcane is much easier to propagate that way and sugarcane also likes heavy soil.


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webgator(9 FL)

I know for fact this works on Bambusa Multiplex varieties, and it's the only successful method I've found for propagating this variety. I've even found it successful without the use of a rootball.

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