Place in Phoenix with small cheap vegetable plants (seedlings?)

rdazgardenerApril 24, 2011

I've started a garden at my new home in Glendale and have been looking around for a good place to buy small vegetable plants, such as ones that are basically seedlings (like the ones that come in the "6 pack" flower containers where they aren't even each in their own pot or that come in the really small box shaped pot) but haven't found any except for some small tomato plants at Wal-mart that are 50 cents each (of which I got a few already). Everything else I have found is more mature and more expensive. I'd like to have a fairly large garden area and, although I have been starting from some seeds, I would rather be able to get things started a bit faster with plants that are already a few weeks old. I've tried Wal-mart and Home Depot so far, does anyone know of places that have a variety of cheap, small, vegetable plants? Thanks for any info

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Try regular nurseries, like Desert winds (or whatever their name is now. They usually have 6-packs of stuff.

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Try Summer Winds in Glendale - on Bell around 65th Ave, north side of Bell. Maybe that's the one lazy was thinking of.

It's getting a bit late to plant tomatoes now, it'll be 100 degrees before you know it. How about some squash instead? Perfect time to plant zucc, crookneck, spaghetti squash. That's what I'll be doing today, sowing seed though, not transplants.

Good luck with the garden.

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Thanks, yeah I already planted the tomatoes so I don't think I'm going to be planting many more of them, I will check those out

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try home depot all the bonnie stuff is 1/3 off the had some okra in 4 packs as well as the usual line up of squash eggplants peppers and melons that love our heat

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I don't know about Home Depot... I see them as anything BUT cheap. those prices are insane. sorry, but at those prices, nobody is recouping much of that money in produce. I agree, now is the time to plant melons, squashes, okra, armenian cucumbers (these are fantastic) - from seed. And they pop up very fast... in 3 weeks you have established plants.

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i agree they're a little pricy but at 1/3 off it's way more affordable i plant everything but tomatoes and peppers from seed anyway it's way cheaper and the starts u but are really only a couple weeks from seed not very cost effective.

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I went to home depot the other day and out in front of the garden section they have 4 packs of peppers, okra, tomatoes and I think maybe some herbs for $1.60 per 4 pack which is really good I think, I am not sure if they were on sale or what

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I saw an ad for 2 for $1 vegetable packs at Lowes.

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