Will this tree survive

toucan(9)April 17, 2011

I received a tall and spindly Chinese Elm. It's probably about 11 feet tall. The trunk is maybe 1.5"-2" in diameter. Around 5 feet from the ground, the trunk curves to the left about 1.5 inches and then straight up again, like the letter "S" on it's side. I think it's because this tree was tied to the stake too long.

I'm wondering if the curve in this tree will be a long term problem. As the tree grows and has a larger canopy, will the trunk be able to support it and will the trunk become straight again. I'm wondering if that curve will fix itself. I think it's too thick now to try to train it back straight.

Should I invest my time in growing a different tree that's starts out straight?

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Where did you get the tree? If you didn't select it yourself, get a refund.

it's unlikely to straighten out completely.

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I remeasured and the tree is only 1/2" in diameter. It bends to the left about 30 degrees about 5 feet up from the ground and then straight back up again.

Do you still feel I should get a refund? I'm just wondering if it will hold up the canopy long term and get a little straighter?

It's just a pain to uproot the poor thing and take it back. It is a tall tree at 10-11 feet tall.

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judy_b(AZ zone 9)

Over time and growth the bend will become less noticeable. It should be able to support a canopy okay if you allow it to branch low enough for good trunk growth and very slowly limb it up as the trunk strengthens.

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