Frost damaged acacia, recovery time ?

enderwiggin30April 16, 2013

I have two acacias. I covered the trunk during the four day of frost in winter. Now I see green leaves sprouting from the area I covered. However the upper portion of trees are completely dead. Will they come back ? Can I do something to aid recovery ? I tried pruning some of the lower branches but so far, nothing.

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Give it another month - sometimes they are slow to put out new buds.

But if it only buds from the trunk it will never make a good tree. Find a species that is a bit more frost hardy as a replacement.

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I am planning to give it till the end of summer.I am guessing by the time, it will be into summer which I am not planning to put up a tree. I am thinking of either velvet mesquite or blue palo verde. They should be hardy enough for the frost. Not sure which one is better in terms of shade. I'd like a nice tall tree so that it will shade parts of the house. Thanks for your answer.

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