Bamboo for Fencing

lilmikeyJanuary 6, 2008

I have a 10 acre parcel and would like to grow a bamboo fence all the way around it. Soil is sandy loam (High desert) good drainage. Min winter temperature is 15, Summer max 115. Is there any kind of bamboo that could grow there to form a thick barrier that you couldn't easily climb through, maybe 6 to 8 feet thick and at least 10 feet tall? Also, hopefully a species that would not require a barrier to keep it within the 8 foot thickness, because it's a long way around 10 acres and an effective barrier around that distance would be expensive. I'm thinking a dense clump of a non-runner. What would work for me?

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There are several Bambusas that would do well in zone 8a.

Most don't like temps below 15F for long periods of time but they do well here in 100+ temps.

The problem would be the price to cover that much area.

I started with a couple of clumps and keep dividing each year and adding the divisions to the area that I want surrounded by the bamboo, but it looks like it might take a few years.

I started using B. sinospinosa as a barrier for part of the area since it has razor-sharp thorns on it making it an impenetrable barrier, however, it doesn't do well below 20F.

Try looking into the Bambusa multiplexes. There are several varieties that will do well for you.

Good Luck


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