HAVE: I have many kinds of banana pups...

piginthepotJanuary 2, 2009


I live in Thailand now and I can provide many kinds of rare banana or some kinds of variegated banana for trade or sale. I also provide other plants for trade or sale, too. Please contact me oat email. My interesting are variegated agave or other desert plants.



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Hi,I am interested!!!!!!! You dont have your email posted,so Ill just leave this posting and hope you get it. I am interested in any dwarf varieties and if I cant trade anything,please let me know the prices my email is amandapanda920@yahoo.com (you live in Thailand,thats awesome :)

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I am interested in your bananas. I also have some neat rare things to trade. Please email me at djl278@psu.edu
Thank you

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my husband loves our banna plants we have and would really like some more but I do not want all the same kind so this looks like a great way to do that...if you are still doing this could you email me @ randyprice@bellsouth.net

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I am also very interested!!

Please email me at:



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Is it to late for me to join in with a shot at this?????

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